AWTG as part of a first ever real-time virtual production trial in the UK

AWTG is thrilled to have been part of a UK film history milestone. A sequence from a short sci-fi film was shot at the same time at locations in Manchester and Dundee using Flex-5G.

On the recent news from published by IBC, AWTG partnered with Abertay University making this the first in UK film industry capturing a short film sequence in real-time, across two different locations, through a 5G internet connection. The ‘AI Armageddon’-themed clip was filmed with actors situated in both Dundee and Manchester, separated by a distance of 280 miles.

Andrews Nyanteh, Senior Core Networks and Solutions Engineer at AWTG, initiated the use of Flex-5G network to make it possible for the director to simultaneously view both shots of two actors situated 280 miles apart on his monitor, giving the impression that they were in the same room.

Ian Vernon, COO of AWTG said that “We at AWTG are very delighted to have developed the innovations in the Flex-5G project that are being used in commercial environment. We see a bright future for secured mobile private networks based on 5G and ORAN. The Flex-5G project is funded part of the Future RAN programme funded by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) and includes AWTG, University of Surrey, Lime Microsystems, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cambridgeshire County Council, Commscope, EBTIC, Virgin Media O2, Vodafone, Viavi and Zain. Enabling 5G virtual production is a testament to the success of the Flex-5G project.”

With the combined effort of all the partners – AWTG, Abertay University, Royal Holloway, University of London, StoryFutures, InGame, and The Scotland 5G Centre, this ambitious venture is set to transform the film industry.

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