AWTG announces the most recent update and features of iDAMS

AWTG is delighted to announce that it has released the latest version its Digital Asset Open-Source Management platform accessible to the public sector via G-Cloud 13 – the Intelligent Digital Asset Management System (iDAMS). The platform offers a comprehensive set of tools for asset management and acquisition, offering the ability for MNOs, NHOs and local authorities to acquire assets in a streamlined and effective way.

This version of iDAMS offers a straightforward yet comprehensive asset acquisition process, starting from the initial enquiry to actual procurement of individual or multiple assets. Approval flows, availability, and contract formalities all fall within the scope of this enterprise-grade system. Not limited to items like lamp posts and traffic lights, the platform can also cater to larger assets like, buildings, plots of land,  rooftops, and will eventually extend to other horizontal assets such as fibre and other underground assets to accommodate more asset owners in the platform.

iDAMS meets the standards put forth by the Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator (DCIA) Programme and provides many other exceptional features. Its powerful data filtering capabilities simplify the process of finding suitable assets. Other features include creating polygons for asset search, street view of assets, managing users, suggested addresses with keywords, and updated notifications via email and SMS.

The iDAMS platform is geared towards assisting local authorities and MNOs with scalability and consistency. The platform also aims to serve as a centralised hub for local authorities, where asset renters, including MNOs, can effortlessly access and acquire assets. The open source version enables local authorities to integrate their own asset acquisition and approval process.

Local authorities can take advantage of a more convenient and configurable process for asset leasing while adhering to the Electronic Communications Code’s prescribed leasing fees. This technology does not only shorten time-consuming and costly negotiations but also significantly lowers the work involved in asset data loading, management, and cleansing.

To explore these new features, you may email [email protected] or visit to book a live demo.