AWTG Launch Outdoor Small Cell Technology Test Bed

AWTG announced the availability of its outdoor Small Cell Technology Test bed; this is a service offering that can be used for the trialling of new technologies in a real world setting. AWTG as part of this service offers aid in deployment, measurement, testing, reporting and managing a trial deployment of new technologies and devices in a live environment.

The test bed was deployed throughout a town centre in the UK with the local area having an urban population of 71,599. AWTG’s outdoor Wi-Fi mesh network covered the major footfall areas of the Town Centre through a network of 50+ Wi-Fi access points.

Using Wi-Fi as a backend, AWTG’s test bed can be used to trial a multitude of solutions for the urban environment:

  • M2M Technologies
  • Small Cell
  • Point –to – point devices
  • Point to Multipoint devices
  • Access point alternatives
  • Wi-Fi based services

AWTG Technology Trialling/ Test Bed Service

AWTG’s Wi-Fi network can be used as part of the trial to support /test new application and vendors (Wi-Fi /Femto/ Microwave / backhaul) . The AP’s support 802.11 n and show individual speeds of 180Mbps, with the network built on mesh topology and having built-in full redundancies.

AWTG offers vendors, application and incubators companies to deploy and integrate their products on street level and connect to the outside world using AWTG’s existing high-speed backhaul. This offering gives the opportunity to showcase products in real life scenarios.

AWTG can help in the following:

  • Radio coverage & Capacity
  • Transmission & backhaul (Microwave, Wi-Fi ) – Mesh, Point-to-point, Point-to-multi-point
  • Fibre planning and installation
  • Authentication (WISPr + EAP-SIM EAP-AKA)
  • Backhaul Networks (sub 6GHz , 28GHz, 60GHz)
  • AAA MNO core network integration – a seamless service for users
  • Network monitoring & management to uphold stringent SLA
  • ISP and service desk support and contracted SLA
  • 24/7 help desk for customer enquiries and end user feedbacks
  • Site Acquisition
  • Collaboration with local authorities and other relevant parties
  • Street furniture / Multiple Building Locations
  • Managing deployments, ensuring all rules & regulations are adhered to
  • Fully accredited engineering support for work on both street and macro-site levels
  • Management of Street light contractors and coordination of Fiber installation

As part of the service, prospective clients have access to 800 alternative street infrastructures available to deploy test technologies utilizing AWTG’s close ties to a “technology friendly” town-council. In addition to the alternative deployments, there exist 50+ lamp columns providing internet connectivity through backhaul possibilities as well as five fibre access ( 5 ingress points)of 100Mbps on 1Gbps circuits, ability to create separate VLANs and individual QoS, direct connection to a Tier-2 data centre and a 24 hour helpdesk.

The typical configuration of street infrastructure is depicted above. AWTG can provide either 100mbps or 1gbps connectivity to the vendor device depending on requirements, power options include 240V AC, 802.3af and 802.3at.


Technology Trial Support

AWTG also has the ability to provide you bespoke monitoring options from a real-time monitoring NOC centre.

The main benefits of this test bed service are:

  • The ability to give operators and equipment vendors a significant cost benefit and access to a real world environment.
  • AWTG’s excellent reputation, outstanding relationships and excellent service reputation.
  • Extensive experience with technologies
  • Hands-on approach – enabling AWTG to provide best service possible to our clients
  • Procedures and process in place to aid in all testing needs
  • Access to a live environment and a data centre to mimic real world deployment.