AWTG Leaderships in IEEE Standards

AWTG participates and has leaderships in a number of IEEE standards and related initiatives through Oliver Holland – AWTG Technical Projects Manager. For example, AWTG has recently undertaken a number of prominent roles in the IEEE 802 meetings taking place in Vancouver, BC, Canada, on the 10-15 March, 2019. This included being one of four presenters of a high profile tutorial on spectrum sharing technologies attended by more than 200 of the key leadership of IEEE 802, including “Wi-Fi” (IEEE 802.11) leadership among others. It also included work within the leadership of IEEE 802.22, and the leadership of a white paper in IEEE 802.24 on low-latency communications being developed as a “vertical application” across all IEEE 802 standards. AWTG also participates in IEEE 802.11, directly keeping track of the latest developments on Wi-Fi technologies.

More generally, AWTG continues its activities leading the IEEE Mobile Communication Networks Standards Committee (MobiNet-SC) sponsoring/overseeing/monitoring IEEE standards on the scope of Mobile Communication Networks, as well as the IEEE Tactile Internet Standards Working Group—a key application of low-latency communication through contexts such as haptic communication. Among various other standards work, AWTG maintains leaderships and visionary contributions in spectrum sharing standards through its Chairing of the IEEE Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks Standards Committee (DySPAN-SC), and the IEEE 1900.6 spectrum sensing interfaces standards work. It also currently serves on the IEEE Communications Society Standards Development Board (COM/SDB), overseeing standards sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc).