Lime Microsystems Partners with AWTG for Service Assurance

AWTG Ltd and Lime Microsystems have today announced the full integration of AWTG’s Service Correlation and Assurance Platform in the LimeNET Open CrowdCell range of products. The integration has produced powerful and robust Service Operations System capabilities for LimeNET, enabling the same level of monitoring and management expected in large scale mobile network deployments. The integrated  Service Operations System enables seamless monitoring and management of each CrowdCell in terms of configuration, alarms, performance, and events for the entire platform, including the  Software-Defined-Radio (SDR) element as well as the open-source applications and programmable interfaces.

AWTG’s Service Correlation and Assurance platform enables full automation of network configuration management,  network performance monitoring, and customer experience management. It enables a robust correlation between configuration, performance, and user experience to ensure mobile networks are constantly delivering the highest level of service quality and reliability.

Lime Microsystem’s SDR based LimeNET products provide an unprecedented level of flexibility with significant cost benefits to Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN). LimeNET together with the AWTG service Assurance platform provides the ability to rapidly roll-out and roll-back updates and seamless configuration of the hardware via software makes it a perfect solution in offering cellular services anywhere, anytime.

Dr. Ebrahim Bushehri, CEO of Lime Microsystems said in a quote: “We have made a significant progress in virtualizing wireless networks through the LimeNET range of products. Our work with AWTG is one of the key elements in bringing such products into mass deployment so that operators can use them for real-world deployments”.

“The quick pace of integration that produced a high-quality Service Operations System for LimeNET demonstrates the capabilities of AWTG’s Service Correlation and Assurance Platform to rapidly deploy support for multi-vendor service assurance,” said Ian Vernon, CIIO of AWTG

Watch the video below to learn more about LimeNet’s Service Operations System and how to request a live demo.