AWTG launches the Open-Source Library for iDAMS

AWTG, a specialist 5G systems and network integrator, is now making its iDAMS platform available as open-source software to public and private sector organisations interested in managing and generating revenue from their physical assets such as lampposts, bus shelters, buildings etc. This open-source release includes access to documentation, libraries, source codes and the capability of gathering contributions and integration through GitHub.  

The announcement of the IDAMS Open-Source Libraries is launched today at FutureNet World Day 1 showcasing iDAMS along with other innovative technologies. If you are attending the event, AWTG will be at Stand 21A. 

Intelligent Digital Asset Management Solution (iDAMS) is the only Digital Asset Management platform on G-Cloud 13 that is free-to-use by the public sector, meeting the DCIA project requirements and more. Its purpose is to facilitate local authorities and asset owners in making their assets available to the telecoms industry and providing an online marketplace to rent them out. Additionally, it expedites the site acquisition process with its Google Maps interface, reducing time and resources for asset owners to capture profit from their assets, as well as promoting access and investing in connectivity for social benefit.  

Learn more about iDAMS by signing up for a Live Demo or visit this link or contacting us at [email protected]. Unleash the potential of your organisation’s assets with the help of iDAMS.  

To get access to the Source Code, click here.