AWTG shares tips before launching your organisation AI Co-Pilot

Following AWTG’s recent announcement of its Smart AI Co-Pilot, we are sharing some effective strategies for organisations and enterprises looking to utilise their Smart AI Co-pilot. 

The future promises to bring about a new era of work, with humans and AI co-pilots working together to enhance their collective abilities. This collaboration will see humans taking on new roles as editors, partners, and coaches, using their creative and innovative skills to refine AI-generated concepts. In turn, AI assistants will become effective assistants that inspire and support workers, allowing them to focus on high-value tasks. Enterprises are already exploring the benefits of AI co-pilots to increase efficiency and performance across various tasks. As these co-pilots continue to advance, it’s crucial for organisations to develop a clear strategy to harness their potential. 

Consistent and Comprehensive

Companies should prioritise developing a comprehensive and responsible AI strategy that takes into account various perspectives and considers the implications of using company data to train AI co-pilots. Training should be continuous to ensure that AI co-pilots align with the company’s operating style and accurately represent its values in interactions with humans without exposing data outside the corporate environment. 

Bring more value

The combination of human intelligence and AI has the potential to enhance the abilities of employees through integration of personal innovative thinking to refine AI-generated ideas. 

Employees must develop new skills and anticipate significant changes in their job descriptions and roles. Nevertheless, the advantage of this transition is the opportunity for more engaging and fulfilling work. With AI handling repetitive administrative tasks, employees can focus on projects that yield significant outcomes. 

Instead of feeling discouraged by the emergence of AI, employees should feel a sense of self-assurance in the value they bring to their organisations and the world at large. 

Define goals

In order to fully realise the business value of implementing an AI co-pilot, it is crucial for your organisation to have a clear understanding of why you are utilising it. The decision-makers should not simply follow the trend, but instead focus intently on the specific problem they are seeking to solve and recognise the potential advantages it may bring to their business. 


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