AWTG Designs, Delivers and Operates the 5G Network Enabling the Dundee Scotland 5G Centre (S5GC) Hub

AWTG is proud to be the infrastructure delivery partner with Dundee City Council for the new S5GC hub, announced here. As part of this work, AWTG is designing, deploying and operating a 5G network and free public Wi-Fi service in Dundee. The 5G network covers the Central Waterfront investment area of Dundee, and the free public Wi-Fi service covers that area plus the rest of the centre of the city including the key commercial areas.

The 5G network is a large-scale testbed for Dundee City Council covering a range of pioneering use cases and particularly, for example, aiming to leverage on use cases around pioneering gaming applications, VR/AR and tourism, and smart cities among others. To such ends, the deployment is designed to achieve user performance levels surpassing the best that are currently achievable for 5G in the UK. Further, the network is carefully designed to slot into a neutral hosting framework at a later stage for onward sustainability.

Dundee announced as location for new S5GC Hub / Photo via

Dr. Oliver Holland, Director of Standards and Systems Integration at AWTG and Technical Manager for the Dundee Project, commented: “We are highly excited to be delivering this major 5G network as a key part of the S5GC Dundee hub, as well as the public Wi-Fi network in Dundee. The 5G network is unique both in terms of its capabilities and its approach to aesthetics and integration within the existing street infrastructure in the Dundee Waterfront. It is a profoundly rewarding experience to work with Dundee City Council, and we appreciate the focus and professionalism of all involved.”

Mark Flynn convener of Dundee City Council’s city development committee said: “The business community in Dundee currently enjoys a high level of connectivity and ultrafast services with good upload and download speeds. But as the nature of doing business changes and there is an inevitable increase not just in demand, but in expectation, we want to ensure that more businesses in the city can enjoy a more uniform experience, with the greater performance and improved efficiency that 5G offers.”