AWTG Leaderships in Key IEEE Standards Efforts

In conjunction with the recent IEEE ICC 2019 conference in Shanghai, China, on 20-24 May 2019, and other activities under the IEEE Communication Society, AWTG leads and contributes to a number of very high-profile IEEE standards activities.  

Through Dr. Oliver Holland (Technical Projects Manager at AWTG), an AWTG member is (among other positions and activities):

  • Chair of two IEEE Standards Committees which have the power to sponsor new standards efforts and also which oversee a range of standards activities. The scopes of responsibilities of these Committees are reflected in their titles: “IEEE Mobile Communication Networks Standards Committee (MobiNet-SC)”, which Dr. Holland created from scratch, and “IEEE Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks Standards Committee (DySPAN-SC)”.
  • Chair of the IEEE 1918.1 “Tactile Internet” standards working group, developing standards on the topic of Tactile Internet and Haptic Communications, which are key applications of ultra-reliable low-latency communication as is a flavour of 5G.
  • Vice-Chair of the IEEE Communication Society Standards Development Board (COM/SDB), which is responsible for directly or indirectly overseeing all IEEE standards that are sponsored by the IEEE Communication Society.
  • Chair of the IEEE 1900.6 standards working group on Spectrum Sensing Interfaces, and actively contributing to the IEEE 1900.6b standard on spectrum sensing support for spectrum databases therein.