AWTG’s “New Normal” Workplace Solution is finally here!

While most industries are doing their best right at this moment to fight and survive the deadly COVID-19 pandemic such as health industry finding the vaccine or retail and food industry for supplies, the tech industry is said to most likely do the heavy-lifting post-COVID-19.

AWTG, with its continuous innovations, crafted a solution that enables companies to have a safer workplace and create efficient interaction measures. AWTG’s Intelligent Workplace Solutions (iWPS) is a dedicated device and application that enables safe working environment.

The solution includes a dedicated wearable device for the employees as a personal protective equipment. The device will track the employee’s workforce movement once turned on. It will ensure that physical distance is maintained between employees through an audible alarm and vibration once set distance is disrupted.

Ian Vernon, AWTG’s CIIO, shares “We are helping our customers create a safe and healthy working environment, which is extremely important as they look to produce efficiently and reliably under unprecedented circumstances during the times of COVID-19”.

For more information on how iWPS can help your company during these times, contact us here.

About AWTG

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