Private Wireless Networks: Transforming Connectivity and Bridging the Digital Divide

AWTG Private Network Solutions Blog

Private wireless networks such as MPN (Mobile Private Network) are transforming the connectivity landscape by enabling private enterprises, as well as venue and building owners to establish their own secured private networks and not rely on public cellular networks and mobile carriers to provide them with mobile network capabilities.   

One of the main advantages of Mobile Private Network is their ability to be quickly deployed and enhanced security that integrates into a company’s existing infrastructure. These networks are capable of providing faster data speeds and lower latency, as data traffic does not need to travel to a central network in the public domain. 

MPN can also be more cost-effective than Wi-Fi, depending on the network’s design and setup. They can reduce the number of access points required to achieve the same level of coverage, resulting in lower installation, maintenance, and total ownership costs. Additionally, a well-designed MPN will also provide Wi-Fi connectivity to the enterprise that deployed it. 

Stadium, Airport, Concert ground, Train station

In congested environments like stadiums and airports, MPN offers high security, dependable connectivity, and enhanced performance due to their closed and dedicated systems.  

For enterprises, private networks ensure secure communications within their network infrastructure. The core network, responsible for user authentication, device connections, and mobility management, can be seamlessly integrated within the enterprise’s firewall, security gateway, or cloud infrastructure. 

By restricting access to authorised devices, private networks guarantee uninterrupted connectivity and empower organisations to deliver mission-critical services efficiently. This level of control enables organisations to manage traffic effectively, prioritising connections and optimising network resources, particularly during periods of high demand. Such control ensures the efficient delivery of quality service, seamless connectivity, and an optimised application experience. 

Private wireless networks are revolutionising connectivity by offering faster deployment, improved performance, cost savings, and reliable connectivity, even in crowded spaces. With their vast benefits, private wireless networks are an excellent solution for organisations seeking to connect underserved communities and ensure they don’t get left behind in today’s rapidly evolving digital world.  

AWTG is the right partner for those looking to create a smart infrastructure to support their private wireless networks and MPN, whether you’re a business or organisation in need of improved control, security and performance. Despite the challenges that may come with starting a private wireless network, we  can provide you with the expertise needed to design, deploy, configure, optimise, and manage your connectivity requirements from start to finish. No matter the size of your company, AWTG has the right expertise, experiences and solutions to help build adaptable and scalable private networks that work for you. 

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