W5G Consortium, where AWTG is a member, reports productivity gain with 5G applications

AWTG is a consortium partner in the Worcestershire 5G (W5G) consortium who recently published its end of project report showing that businesses can increase productivity with 5G technology and applications. W5G focused within manufacturing businesses determining how 5G could help enable the usage of smart factories, augmented reality, and security by design principles across both applications and network build and operation. The first UK 5G factory trials were hosted by local manufacturing giants, Worcester Bosch, and Yamazaki Mazak.  AWTG designed, deployed, and integrated the 5G network and related applications.

Findings from the Worcestershire 5G project show that up to 2% efficiency gain is possible through the adoption of 5G technology in manufacturing. These gains at the UK level would be equivalent to £2.6 billion.