AWTG aims to enable land and properties owned by private landowners for use by MNO and tower companies

AWTG has created a platform that aids both farmers and landowners, as well as mobile network operators (MNOs) and local authorities, to bridge the gap between them, speed up the acquisition of assets, and generate revenue.  

To bridge the communication gap between asset owners, MNOs, local authorities, and other stakeholders, the newly released Intelligent Digital Asset Management System (iDAMS) is a cutting-edge platform designed to meet the challenge – A virtual marketplace that provides local authorities and MNOs access to sites situated in rural areas owned by companies and private landowners. 

For many years, farmers and landowners have been able to utilise telecommunications infrastructure as a source of income. As financial circumstances change today, so do the mindsets of rural property owners; inspiring a renewed sense of entrepreneurialism and encouraging individuals to capitalise on their assets for supplementary income. By allowing telecoms companies to install mobile phone masts on their land under established lease contracts, farmers and landowners can actively and effortlessly receive passive revenue streams. 

AWTG hopes to list as many assets as possible, partner with the mobile network operators and unite local authorities to create a centralise powerful and efficient platform to manage these assets. This is also an additional effort be part of the mission to meet the UK’s goal of supplying standalone 5G to all populated areas by 2030. This implementation of 5G will drive improvements to networks across the country, changing the way people live and work. 

If you think that your property might be suitable, do not hesitate to contact AWTG to list it on iDAMS. 

AWTG’s iDAMS is part of Gov.UK Digital Marketplace. For more info, visit this link. 

For product info, visit this link.